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our immersive experience is filled with lightning, thunder and fire. Pele, the Hawaiian goddess, likes to play tricks on our guests. some say we might be cursed...come by and see for yourself.

The legend of Secret Island:

Do you feel that far-off rumble? Hear the sound of surf crashing?

The Legend of an enchanted, mythical island has captured the heart and soul of many explorers - and one tropical island in particular always escapes the grasp of those searching for it.


This mirage in the ocean is the mythical home to hula girls, volcanoes and exotic food and drinks, a place of abundance and joyous comfort.

After searching the Seven Seas over, a Secret Island sighting has finally emerged - manifested as a Polynesian paradise in Long Beach, celebrating Pete - The Hawaiian Goddess of Volcanoes and Fire.

It's a mysterious grotto where fine food and liquid libations merge with the sounds of the islands to create an atmosphere of contentment - and joy. More than an illusion - it is tiki authenticity at its best.

Take a trip to the south seas with a craft cocktail in hand, and experience the culture of our own Secret Island.

Meet the ambassadors of Aloha, and enjoy our tempting tastes and potent potions that help loosen your inhibitions.

Sail away with us - to Secret Island...

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