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Cocktail Menu



5pm - 11pm

Thursday- Saturday

5pm - 6pm

Mai Tai  

A faithful rendition of the classic cocktail that launched the Tiki Culture; Made with Caribbean rums & spices!

Puka Punch

A newcomer to the classic Tiki scene, but it packs a flavorful explosion of Passionfruit, Pineapple and spiced Island Rums!


Deceptively strong Rum Cocktail cleverly disguised as a deliciously sweet & spiced cherry punch. We limit 2 due to alcohol content.

Long Beach Lapu

Powerfully potent & creamy pineapple cocktail that will hit you as hard as the Chief hit Magellan!

Forbidden Sour

Trinidad inspired Whiskey Sour with a splash of Pomegranate and a bunch of bitters!

Navy Grog

Another timeless Tiki classic with a hint of honey and a whole ‘lotta Rum!

Ron's Rum Runner

The owner’s favorite Rum concoction! Carefully crafted with Coconut, Raspberry, Banana, cherry, lime and a “Healthy” amount of Island Rums!

Jungle Bird

The Bird is the word with this exotic
tropical Island blend of Dark Rums and
Campari with wild mixed juices.

Missionary's downfall

A one of a kind Refreshing frozen blend
of mint, pineapple and white Rum!

Planter's Punch Colada

A delightful frozen blend of Cutwater Bali Hi Rums & juices with a hint of cocoa!

Escape to a deserted Island for two with the brightest blue waters, plenty of fish, coconuts and palm trees!

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